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"I come from a proud family in which each of the generations before me worked hard to ensure that their children and families had a better life than they did.  We put God, Family, and Country first, not last.  We make common sense decisions and don't force our opinions or way of life on others.  We need to get back to this in our country.  We need to remove federal mandates and government control, offer better options for healthcare, teach our kids our history and constitution, support our police officers and first responders and teachers, protect our gun rights, strengthen our military, and fight socialism and  ensure those with socialist agendas are no longer part of our government and leadership."



One of my biggest regrets in life is that I did not serve this great Country in the military.  The men and women who have served are my true heroes.  Our leaders and we as citizens should thank God each and every day for these brave soldiers and pray for the safety.  We need to do more to support our military and their families and our veterans.  Congress wastes too much money on totally unnecessary spending that would be better spent improving our military and making it stronger instead of sitting idly by while China becomes the strongest military in the world.  We have to change our priorities and make smart and focused decisions before it's too late. 


I wholeheartedly support our constitutional rights under the 2nd Amendment to keep and bear Arms.  I freely exercise this right and firmly stand against any infringements.  I will do everything in my power to defeat any suggested or proposed changes to this amendment.


I am 100% pro-life.  I  strongly oppose any federal funding to support abortion and believe that life begins at conception.


This is one of the key topics that drives my run to be a representative of the people.  I strongly believe that our religious freedoms are being taken away from us both overtly and covertly.  I believe God has been and continues to be removed from our daily lives, our families, our schools, and our communities.  I also believe too many of our leaders, both at the state and federal levels, are not using judgement founded on Christian faith when making decisions for our country.


I support immigration, as long as it is done legally, and Biden has reversed much of what President Trump implemented to keep us safe.  Biden is allowing lawlessness to cross our borders and is sending criminals in the dark of the night to a city near you without any say from the constituency.  We cannot allow this to continue to happen.  I believe that the U.S. should aggressively continue to build a border wall to keep our country and citizens safe and stop illegal immigration. The current administration and DOJ leadership have done a horrific job keeping us safe.  They have willingly allowed our citizens to be put at risk by allowing potential terrorists and criminals to freely walk into our country unchecked, let alone those coming in with COVID-19,  


I absolutely condemn mandates and believe they are unconstitutional.  If someone decides to become vaccinated or not get vaccinated, that is perfectly fine, it should be their decision.  Allowing our government to intervene in this decision and force people to get vaccinated, especially young kids, when there is not sufficient data or history to show the effects of the various vaccines is absurd.  


Nothing is more critical to the future of Georgia and our Country than education.  An education system that removes the history of the United States and replaces it with non-fact based and divisive material cannot be tolerated. Our U.S. history should be taught based on facts, not feelings. Our kids deserve better and parents need to be involved in their children's education.  We cannot have an education system based on bias and division. 

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