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Georgia's 14th District

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Fight for our conservative beliefs and values and stop the divisiveness.

Strong Common Sense Conservative

Leader in Supply Chain for 26 Years

Chaired Opioid and Heroin Awareness Committee 

Believes Our Veterans Deserve Much Better


I am a strong Conservative Republican just like most of those in the 14th District and I'll fight to protect our rights and ensure your voices are being listened to, not just heard.  But I am concerned, not just for our Great Country, but for our Great Party, the Republican Party.  I see and hear the extreme liberal and socialist values and agenda coming from the Left.  Their belief is that if you are not in 100% agreement with them, then you are too conservative for their otherwise very liberal party.  Bernie Sanders and AOC and her squad are literally ruining their Party because of these beliefs.  Joe Biden has acquiesced to their demands and because of this, the Democrats are going to lose big in the mid-terms and in the 2024 Presidential Election.  They are self destructing because of the far left extremists.  This is great for the Republican Party, in the short term.  But we need to be focusing on a longer term strategy.  In order to keep our party strong, we are going to need the voters, ALL VOTERS to stay engaged and feel like we are the party that can lead this Country back to being Stronger than it has been.  We have to stop alienating the moderate Republicans, the Independents, and any of the swing voters who feel concerned about what they hear and read from the Extreme Left and Extreme Right.  I am not running to Represent only a certain segment of the Republican Party, I am running to Represent the Whole Republican Party and the Independents.  They may not agree right down the line with ALL of my Conservative Values, but they agree enough to know that I'll do what is Right for all Republicans.  If we continue to elect and listen to only Extreme politicians, we will be dealt the same blows the liberal Democrats are going to be dealt in mid-terms.

Eric B. Cunningham 1/26/22


I'm passionate about all of the same issues that all strong conservatives are passionate about each and every day. I support our 2nd Amendment Rights, I am Pro-Life, I oppose mandates, protecting our constitutional rights, establishing term limits, supporting election integrity, and I am opposed to Critical Race Theory being taught to our children.  All Conservative Republicans can agree on these high profile values and we should continue to ensure these values are protected each and every day.  But there are a lot of other issues going on in the lives of the 14th District every day that are getting very little or no attention at all in Congress.  I have been in Supply Chain my whole career with 23 years as a leader in the rail industry where I led teams and managed over $1.6 Billion in revenue and continued growth working with small business customers to Fortune 200 companies.  I've had to negotiate people of all types of personalities and no matter how far apart we may have been on a deal, we were always able to come to some sort of agreement.  There is lots of opportunity to improve the supply chain in America and in Georgia.  There have been opportunities to support small business in GA-14, including those in Murray County near the Appalachian Reginal Port to transfer and store loaded containers on their property for regional truck deliveries, removing them from the Port of Savannah and easing congestion at the Port.   Why aren't the Supply Chain issues being discussed by our Representatives?  Because it doesn't catch a headline.

I have served our community as a Board Member for the Northwest YMCA for the past seven years, where I am currently the Vice Chair.  I previously led a committee on Opioid and Heroin Awareness, working together with other community groups, the DEA, and the DA to host Awareness Meetings at Schools or Neighborhood Clubhouses or the YMCA.  Opioid, Heroin, and Meth addiction is a HUGE issue in our local communities.  Joe Biden's reversal of President Trump's immigration policies has allowed countless illegal immigrants to freely come into our Great Country.  Some of these illegals are criminals who are bringing with them fentanyl and killing our kids and millions of other Great Americans.  This has become the #1 leading cause of death for people ages 18-45.  This needs immediate attention and action and must stop!  People need help, not just locally, not just from the state, but also from the Federal Government.  We need to hear more from our political representatives about how we can all work together to provide support for individuals and families struggling with this issue.  But once again, it is not a headline grabber, it doesn't get the likes on social media and increase name recognition.  

We need people leading our Great Country who can multi-task, who can protect our Conservative values and at the Same time focus on real issues impacting real, everyday people in their very real and everyday lives.  I will commit to focusing on these issues as well.

Eric B. Cunningham 1/26/22

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